ICT Support & Audit

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What we do?

A) We manage and provide ICTsolutions/support within the Kiribati Audit Office (KAO).
B) We conduct IT Audit in Government Ministries and SOEs.

How we do it?

A. Provide day-day ICT Support:

  1. Security Policy:
      • Our ICT work ethics is governed by the KAO Audit Act. Our drafted ICT policy is yet to be finalized which will serve as the basis and guideline for all ICT work carried out.
  2. Physical and Environmental Security:
      • Ensuring our Servers, UPS and other vital Networking devices are secured from external threats and operating at optimum performance on daily basis.
      • Providing awareness and guidance to staff on how to safeguard official data and computers from potential environmental threats (fire, dust, data loss, etc.).
  3. Access Control:
      • Ensuring all staff have access to KAO data with specified priviledges based on roles.
      • Management of Internet/Network connectivity for all staff and official devices.
  4. ICT Asset Management:
      • All Auditors and some staff are entitled to official computers. These devices are logged, documented, and controlled by a mutual documented signed agreement between the staff and ICT staff.
      • All existing and newly procured ICT assets are logged in our database.
  5. Human Resources Security:
      • Our teamwork operates in a collaborative environment to ensure efficient completion of ICT related tasks.
      • Managing the assigning/removal of access rights for new/exiting staff.
  6. Business Continuity Management:
      • Managing KAO Data Backup devices and software on regular basis to allow instant recovery from unforeseen disruptions and disasters.
      • Providing guidance to new staff on how to safeguard official and personal data stored on official computers.
  7. Other tasks
      • Troubleshooting and management of KAO Computers, workstations, and other technical devices such as printers, fingerprint device, etc.
      • Management of website and database.

B. Conduct Information Communication Technology (ICT) Audit.

We audit the Information Security Controls in Government Ministries & SOEs. Our current audit approach is done on trial basis.

The Information Security Controls covers:

      • Security Policy
      • Physical and Environmental Security
      • Access Control
      • ICT Asset Management
      • Human Resource Security
      • Business Continuity Management
      • Other ICT related tasks

Why we do it?

    1. To ensure Government computers and ICT assets are managed and used effectively and efficiently.
    2. It is our responsibility as stipulated under the Kiribati Audit Act 2007 Sec. 22.

Our Clients:

    • Government Ministries and State Owned Enterprises.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



Audit for an impact for the Public



Provide quality audit services to Government, our Clients and the People of Kiribati.



Professionalism, Enjoy our Work, Customer Service Focus and Continuous Improvements.

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